Liner Boom

The LINER boom family is the lightest in structure as well as the narrowest booms in the HARDI vine boom range. The FIX version is never wider than your tank of the sprayer. Being adjustable for height and angle, these spouts ensure the very best spraying methods whenever your row access is restricted. The START holds the spraying device from the upper part, and allows a wider side adjustment. Optionally, HARDI provides hydraulics with adjustment of 2 x 0.35 m

Boxer Boom

This boom has horizontal telescopic actions. Telescoping to the desired row width, the boom ensure that most vine spraying needs can be met. The central application device has a horizontal manual adjustment on left and right side. Outer boom wing sections fold out to the spray position when the telescopic sections of the boom have been extended.

Boom width 2.0 telescoping to 4.5 m according to angling of outer device.

Just 3 pistons, direct to the tractor on 3 double acting hydraulic connections,

allow full control of the boom, lift and fold.

Available as vertical and horizontal.

Atlas Boom

The light boom structure allows to be set up for 4 or 6 faces. Auto recoverable brake away clutch protects the boom. Hydraulic folding and lift.

The lightest way to treat up to 6 rows in row distance of 2 to 2.5 m. The ATLAS AGILE specially designed for the COMPACT models and SOLID for the PLUS models.

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