Liquid fertilizer nozzles

With five (5) streams of liquid being distributed at different angles, each the HARDI QUINTASTREAM nozzle ensures optimal coverage and uniformity of fertilizers over your crops.

The highest flow comes from the middle stream, while the lowest flow is in the outer, overlapping streams, minimizing crop scorching and providing you with the ultimate coverage. 


  • The fastest way to convert your sprayer into a high-precision fertilizer applicator
  • 5 solid streams that minimise crop scorching
  • Particularly important for wide booms at fast speeds
  • ISO standard for easy calibration
  • Turn and Clean the key for restrictor removal
  • Boom height 35-100 cm

The HARDI QUINTASTREAM nozzles are also available as S-Tip variants.

This means that you can now enjoy complete flexibility when it comes to choosing the right nozzles, regardless of the sprayer brand you own. The S-Tip nozzles fit most sprayers available in the market. 

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