Air inclusion nozzles
Drift minimisation for sub-optimal weather conditions

The HARDI ISO MINIDRIFT nozzles are designed to reduce the drift to a minimum at sub-optimal weather conditions. This air inclusion nozzle will give you excellent and uniform liquid distribution at boom heights from 40 to 90 cm. 

The droplet spectrum of our MINIDRIFT nozzles ranges from coarse to very coarse, which is safe for drift control without risking poor coverage and deposition on leaves. Additionally, the venturi can be easily removed for cleaning, making maintenance extra simple.


  • Working pressure: 1 to 6 bar
  • ISO: flow, colours, sizes and nomenclature
  • Application rates from 60 to 430 l/ha (at 8 km/h)
  • SYNTAL:  precision moulded thermoplastic
  • Air inclusion nozzles
  • Two big air inlets reduce the risk of clogging
  • Compact design reduces impact damage
  • Meets full ISO specifications

The HARDI ISO MINIDRIFT nozzles are also available as S-Tip variants.

This means that you can now enjoy complete flexibility when it comes to choosing the right nozzles, regardless of the sprayer brand you own. The S-Tip nozzles fit most sprayers available in the market. 


Air inclusion nozzles

The droplet spectrum is coarse to very coarse, providing safe drift without compromising leaf coverage or deposition.

  • Two bag air inlets reduce the risk of clogging.
  • Compact design reduces impact damage.
  • Meets full ISO specifications.
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