LOWDRIFT nozzles
Minimise Drift and maximise spray efficiency

LOWDRIFT nozzles are recommended when optimal spraying conditions can't be achieved due to the risk of drift and spraying cannot be delayed.

The HARDI ISO LD-110 LOWDRIFT nozzle is designed to give you excellent and uniform liquid distribution at boom heights ranging from 35 to 70 cm. It is recommended to maintain a boom height of 50 cm to ensure even distribution over uneven terrain or during boom movements.


  • ISO: Flow, colour and outer dimensions
  • Working pressure: 1.5 to 5 bar
  • SYNTAL: Precision moulded thermoplastic
  • CERAMIC: Extremely high durability
  • COLOR TIPS for safe and easy handling
  • Restrictor designed for minimum chemical residues

The HARDI ISO LD-110 nozzles are also available as S-Tip variants.

This means that you can now enjoy complete flexibility when it comes to choosing the right nozzles, regardless of the sprayer brand you own. The S-Tip nozzles fit most sprayers available in the market. 


Boom Distribution

To ensure that the boom distribution is not disturbed by interference, the nozzles are set at an angle of 8° to the boom. 

This feature is built into all HARDI COLOR TIP and SNAP-FIT caps. This angle has to be manually set if single nozzles are used. 

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