Double-up your application

With its unique dual-nozzle design, HARDI DUOCAP delivers a higher volume rate while still maintaining the proper droplet size for optimal coverage. 

The FLATFAN or LOWDRIFT nozzles of HARDI DUOCAP can provide a fine to medium spray, making it perfect for fungicide spraying. But that's not all - you can also use two different nozzles to achieve even better results. The Standard and MINIDRIFT nozzles give you the dual benefit of having fine droplets for good coverage at the top of the crop, and coarse droplets for penetrating the lower and more dense areas.

If you're looking for superior penetration into dense crops like Potatoes and Soybeans, HARDI DUOCAP with two MINIDRIFT nozzles is the way to go.


  • Improved coverage
  • Angled spray ensures penetration in dense crops
  • Can hold all ISO nozzles
  • 30° forward and backward angle



If two ISO nozzles of the same size are used, they will apply the same volume as one ISO nozzle of the double size (use the application table of the double sized nozzle). 

If two nozzles of different sizes are used, the I/min at the chosen pressure for both nozzles must be added together, and the table below can be used to find the application volume. 

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