ActiveSlant retrofit kit

Introducing ActiveSlant Boom Management System 

Do you currently have an AutoSlant Boom Management System fitted to your sprayer? To better enhance your boom stability, upgrade to The New HARDI ActiveSlant, The Next-Gen Boom Management System based on feedback from our customers. 

This new system comes in a retrofit kit package with new components for better balance, stability and movements on your boom, even when navigating uneven terrains. 

What are the Benefits? 

Excellent Balance and Stability: This new system minimises the risk of boom movements, ensuring safer operation even on uneven terrain. 

Better Movement Control: The ActiveSlant maintains consistent and stable boom height above the crop. The precision control prevents boom bounce and sway, which allows for more accurate application

Cost-Effective Retrofit Solution: The kit comes with all the necessary components, including hydraulic valves, hydraulic hoses, cables, and everything you need to have easy installation.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Is the ActiveSlant system suitable for my sprayer?
Answer: The ActiveSlant system is suitable for all ALPHA, COMMANDER, NAVIGATOR and MEGA sprayers as long as you have the AutoSlant system. This system is an upgrade to your existing AutoSlant system. 

Do I need modifications on my sprayer to install ActiveSlant?
Answer: No, installation of ActiveSlant does not require any major modification on your existing sprayers. 

* The retrofit kit for MEGA will be available from the end of 2023

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Have outstanding boom stability and enhance productivity on your spray job.  

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