Training courses

The success for HARDI as the sprayer specialist depends very much on the knowledge level in all links of the HARDI chain. HARDI ACADEMY’s task is to ensure competence development throughout the HARDI organisation.

To strengthen HARDI’s position as the world’s leading specialist in application technique HARDI ACADEMY will offer professional training in application technique and correct use of HARDI products. The training will be targeted towards all levels in the HARDI world.

HARDI ACADEMY will create the physical and mental room for personal development for our course participants.


  • Spray Application Technique
  • Sprayer Service – Basic & advanced
  • Sprayer user
  • Company and factory visits 
  • Field Sprayers 
  • Orchard and Vine Sprayers 
  • Hand operated Sprayers 

Knowledge is the key

By increasing the overall knowledge in the HARDI chain the customers will get the added value of better advices and service, when in contact with HARDI.

A higher level of knowledge throughout the organisation will also lead to better products through a higher understanding of our customer’s needs.