World's first HARDI AEON CENTURA line 7000 litres on the way to Sweden

Franzéns Lantbruk with the new AEON CENTURA line 7000

The first new AEON CENTURA line 7000 TWIN from HARDI goes to Franzén's farm in Sweden. 

Franzéns has used HARDI for many years and is now investing in the new AEON model. The new sprayer is equipped with the HARDI PulseSystem, which provides great opportunities for efficiency. Among other things, it can change the dosage on each nozzle individually, thereby providing curve control for minimisation of underdosing or overdosing. 

Franzéns manages approximately 900 hectares of their own land and also operates on around 450 hectares for other nearby farmers. This area is sprayed an average of 3 times per season, mainly for wheat, oats, barley, and rapeseed cultivation. Franzén has been using HARDI for many years, and he purchased the HARDI TWIN in 2014.

According to Claes Franzén, who operates the sprayer the most, the system is vastly superior in terms of capacity and efficiency.

"We can cover more hectares per tank while still being able to spray in slightly more unstable weather. With a traditional sprayer, we would have to wait for better weather conditions," says Claes Franzén.

The TWIN system

Johan Axén, the regional manager at HARDI in Sweden, also wants to thank Lantmännen Maskin and the sales representative Kent Karlsson for the deal and looks forward to delivering this sprayer in the spring of 2024.

According to Johan, Sweden has seen a surge in the sales of HARDI TWIN over the past eight years. It is evident that customers are placing more focus on efficiency and capacity, and in that regard, the TWIN concept is in a class of its own. Thanks to the air assistance, more spraying days per season are possible, which is what customers demand when there is so much to be done.

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HARDI PulseSystem Provides New Opportunities 

The HARDI PulseSystem also enhances efficiency through curve control and precise dosing at the nozzle level.
Moreover, the PulseSystem maintains droplet quality within an unchanged spectrum, regardless of whether you are driving at 4.5 km/h or 11 km/h. This is achieved by gradually opening the flow from 30% to 100% in the nozzles. Thus, the pressure is always around 3 bar, minimising drift and eliminating the need to change nozzles for significant changes in driving speed.

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The AEON series expands to 4 models. 

The AEON model is also wheel-steered, unlike previous HARDI models. This allows for significantly higher driving speeds while maintaining excellent boom performance and reducing the need to slow down as much at the headlands. Additionally, the mudguards are included to prevent dirt from reaching the nozzles during turns.

All filling values are easily entered into the FluidBox 8000 colour display on the sprayer, which also assists with certain calculations. The AEON series ranges in size from 4200 to 7000 litres tank capacity and boom widths from 24 to 39 meters.

We at HARDI are very proud of the new AEON model, as we have received fantastic customer reviews from those already using the model.

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