HARDI is successful with online courses

Has Corona taught us anything new in the agricultural world?
Yes, indeed it has. HARDI has 32 importers and 7 subsidiaries around the world and there is a constant need to train and educate new parts employees, as well as to refresh knowledge in the spare parts system for established employees – all people who have an important role in getting the farmer's machines running during the season.

Limit downtime
It is common knowledge how important it is, especially during the peak season, to be able to identify and order spare parts and components as soon as possible, sometimes in a stressed environment. It should preferably be the right part that gets to the sprayer the first time, enabling the tractor driver to get to work in the field without significant downtime.

Great search for the online course – more than 100 employees are now trained in "HARDI Parts training"
HARDI conducted a basic course for a very large group of spare parts employees online before the spring season 2022. Those who did not get the opportunity to follow the course "live" can subsequently download the basic course in 6 parts/chapters and review the course at their own pace – a little at a time, or at once. HARDI continues and already produces the extended part "Advanced parts training" as we call this internationally. In Denmark, we also carry out local courses on a regular basis, at a number of dealers who gather locally or at the factory.