HARDI FieldAid Kits - Reduce downtime and get the job done

FieldAid Kits could get you out of a sticky situation! 

Imagine the situation where you are out in the field spraying and your sprayer breaks down. In the worst-case scenario, the dealer could be unavailable or they are located a long distance away. Therefore, having a FieldAid Kit could be extremely useful and could get you out of a tight situation. 

The HARDI FieldAid Kits are packed in a small, sturdy and durable cardboard box that is easily portable to have with you in the field. Additionally, the overhaul kits are included that can be used for routine maintenance in the future. 



A small investment to maintain your productivity in the field!

The field Aid Kit comes in 10 different variations. One kit is all you need if you own a HARDI MASTER or  RANGER sprayer. However, different kits are available that suit your needs if you have a HARDI MEGA, NAVIGATOR or COMMANDER.

For example, the base kit for HARDI MEGA, NAVIGATOR, and COMMANDER sprayers include seals and drain valves. In case of needing to service the drain valve, you can service it externally without having to enter the tank.

HARDI FieldAid Kit is a small investment to keep the important job of timely spray application on target, and aid in keeping you in the field.

HARDI FieldAid Kits

Item Number           Product Name 

75587500                 FieldAid Kit: BoomPrime
75587600                 FieldAid Kit: PrimeFlow 
75587800                 FieldAid Kit: AutoSelect
75587800                 FieldAid Kit: MASTER, RANGER
75587900                 FieldAid Kit: MEGA, NAVIGATOR, (COMMANDER Pump 464)
75588000                 FieldAid Kit: Boomtube t22 (from 2017) 
75588100                 FieldAid Kit: Boomtube stainless steel 
75588200                 FieldAid Kit: Boomtube pp
75085200                 FieldAid Kit: Box for NK