Meet Magnus Lorin from Sweden, who has been using HARDI sprayer for over 25 years now, and The AEON CENTURAline 5200 l. with TWIN FORCE is his third HARDI Sprayer. 

Magnus is the fourth generation to work the farm and has a big pig and hen production, thus growing cereal to feed the animals. 

TWIN because …
Magnus  – why did you choose HARDI TWIN?

"We have always been running with the TWIN system because we think that whenever we spend time, we want the best results." 

And we have been using the HARDI TWIN sprayer for about 25 years now. We are very happy with the service that we have received. The products are good and they are also recognised. 

“It is impossible for the driver to achieve the same precision as the GPS system, and the fact that the AutoNozzles automatically turn on and off is unbeatable.”

AutoNozzle Control because ...
Magnus - What do you think about Automatic nozzles on and off? 

It is impossible for the driver to achieve the same precision as the GPS system. The fact that this system turns the nozzles on and off automatically is Unbeatable. Especially in the wedges and in the irregular fields, it is very good. 

What do you think about the Wheel Steering on AEON? 

Accoirding to Magnus, "It seems to work really well with the tracking, it is only this week that we can try it for real. So, the crops are lower now and it is harder to see the results of the tracking, it seems to work well. But we will see the results better when we are driving in the tall wheat." 

Magnus - How would you rate the overall sprayer?

We were happy with the previous HARDI sprayers that we had, but the AEON CENTURAline is another step in the Stability and above all the Ramp. 
I am very impressed with the fact that it is very stable when driving. Even though the field is a bit uneven, it works very well.