The AEON CENTURA line TWIN sprayer, delivered in 2023 – the most frequently used tool on the farm

It was beautiful winter weather when we visited Jens Axel Sørensen at Kolbølgård, Denmark for one of the very last sprayings of the year.

The sprayer, a new AEON CENTURA line 5200 with a 30 m TWIN FORCE boom, was acquired in the spring of 2023, and machine operator Sascha Schmith has been responsible for plant protection throughout the season. The owner, Jens Axel Sørensen, notes that it is probably the most frequently used tool on the farm. The AEON CENTURA line operated from February through to November/December, covering approximately 5,000-6,000 hectares.

"We can operate in wind speeds up to 8 m/s, which gives us extra spraying hours."

What stands out...?

When asked about the most outstanding feature of the new sprayer, Jens Axel and Sascha both agreed on the TWIN system, as they have been able to accomplish significantly more spraying work. Due to rain or too much wind typically experienced in the area, it can often be challenging to find the optimal spraying conditions, where the weather is ideal.

Sascha, who operates the AEON CENTURA line sprayer on a daily basis, is particularly enthusiastic about the capacity with TWIN: "We can operate in wind speeds up to 8 m/s, which gives us extra spraying hours. This means we don't need to operate as much at night when the morning and sometimes afternoon can be utilized. In a large part of the spraying season, we run 12-14 hours daily."

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The owner of Kolbølgård, Jens Axel Sørensen (middle), machine operator Sascha Schmidt (right) and HARDI Territory Manager Stefan Møller (left) in front of their new AEON CENTURA line 5200 with TWIN FORCE boom 30 m. You can see that it has been a wet autumn.

The TWIN system explained

Sascha Schmidt and Stefan Møller explain the principle of the TWIN system, where the droplets are "captured" by the TWIN air gap approximately 30 cm below the boom and are directed down into the crops. This means that you can work with relatively small droplets with a large surface area, which enhances the efficiency of the spraying without causing drift.

A new way to operate the sprayer

Sascha explains that it took him little more than an hour to get used to the new controls, where all traditional manifold valves and handles have been replaced by a screen with buttons along the sides. The new FluidBox 8000 has keys that control the suction and pressure functions of the sprayer. Everything can be operated with gloves on, avoiding direct contact with pesticides, and the FluidBox assists in calculating water needs etc.

Standing well protected under the large flap opened above the work zone, the entire area is well-lit with powerful LED lights. Here you'll find the new FluidBox 8000 and a graphic display of the liquid diagram.

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Smooth operation – here is the work zone on the AEON CENTURA line, where Sascha operates the FluidBox.


Stable boom

The stability of the TWIN boom and its smooth movement over the crops was praised by Sascha. It is equipped with AutoTerrain, meaning that the boom sides work independently, while the boom can go 4 degrees below zero – for example, when driving on a ridge.

The 5 ultrasonic sensors detect the distance to the ground surface, crops, or a combination of both, and together with the angle sensors, the boom adjustment is made.

Advanced Suspension System

The fields are somewhat scattered, with up to a 20-minute drive from the filling station. This is where the AEON CENTURA line's suspension system comes into play, having both a suspended drawbar and a hydraulically suspended rear axle. It should be noted that the sprayer has two suspension levels – one for heavy loads and one for light loads, ensuring optimal suspension at all times.

The AEON series consists of models ranging from 4200 to 7000 litres, equipped with TWIN FORCE booms ranging from 24 to 36 m or DELTA FORCE booms ranging from 24 to 39 m. The sprayers come standard with an individual nozzle on/off control, also known as spot spraying equipment, and both booms can be equipped with pulsating nozzles. The AEON series can be connected to AgriRouter, allowing for the download of prescription online maps, for example, CropManager. After completing the spraying, the task can then be uploaded.

We wish to express our thanks for a very informative farm visit with Sascha Schmidt and Jens Axel Sørensen.

Stefan Møller – HARDI Territory Manager, Danmark            
Peter Dahl – Sales Director HARDI NORTH 


  • Kodbølgård: Owned by Jens Axel Sørensen since 1990 
  • Capacity for 3,000 sows, but due to PRRS eradication, there are currently about 2,500 sows
  • Annual delivery of 30 kg piglets and 15,000 slaughter pigs
  • Total cultivated area: 900 hectares, including 300 hectares of organic grass and rye, and 600 hectares of wheat, maize, winter barley, rapeseed, spring barley, and rye
  • Soil type: JB 1-4
  • Sprayer: HARDI AEON CENTURA line 5200 TWIN FORCE 30 m with individual nozzle on/off control
  • Water consumption during spraying: 150 litres of water/hectare for applications such as weed spraying and 200-250 litres of water/hectare for fungicide application
  • Treatment frequency: 2-7 times depending on the crop and pressure from weeds, fungi, and insects
  • Annual sprayed area: 5,000-6,000 hectares


Visit to Jens Axel Sørensen, Kolbølgård near Ølgod - Denmark.

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