HARDI NOZZLES are precise, dependable and accountable. 

HARDI has produced sprayers since 1957 - meeting the needs of all farmers and crops worldwide.

All of the sprayer components are important for safe and effective use, but it is the nozzle that can have the major influence on the performance of the crop protection product that it will apply.
The nozzle controls:

  • The throughput (and therefore the dose)
  • Quality of distribution
  • Drop spectrum and coverage
  • Distribution over the target
  • Drop retention or reflection
  • The degree of drift and downwind fall-out

HARDI has combined both design and material selection to produce a range of nozzles that suit the broad demands of both crops and the vast array of agro-chemical products available today.This has been the basis for HARDI’s worldwide success. The application of plant protection products to crops involves issues now, which go beyond traditional considerations such as economy and efficiency. Now nozzle choice and performance also relate to broad issues of drift such as airborne losses, downwind fall-out and deposits on non-target surfaces within the treated area itself. All of these issues need to be carefully considered.

Today, HARDI has developed the world’s largest ISO nozzle programme for agriculture, horticulture (including most vegetables), viticulture as well as many more specialist needs.

HARDI is the only sprayer manufacturer with a full range of its own nozzles. We ensure they remain amongst the world's best nozzles.

How to choose the right nozzle

Choice of nozzle type and size may have to balance the need to ensure optimal biological effect with a consideration for wind drift, sprayer capacity - that influences field work rates - as well as forward speed.

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Nozzle maintenance

An even distribution across your boom is critical to the performance of the product you are applying. Dirty and/or blocked nozzles are the most frequently reported problem affecting distribution.

Aim to replace nozzles after spraying 20,000ha. Most importantly, check for blockages before every spray event.

Cleaning nozzles is best done using water and a soft brush such as a tooth¬brush. Never use tools like screwdrivers or nails – they will certainly damage the nozzle and its ability to evenly distribute the sprayed liquid.
A soft brush for nozzle cleaning is included as a part of the HARDI Calibration set.

HARDI nozzle maintenance set

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