• With a predicted global population of 9.8 billion by 2050, we’re going to need to figure out how to feed a much larger population, and fast.
  • Climate change is making it harder to feed the world through conventional means – in fact, with our current rate of crop yields, we’ll only have enough food for half of that projected population. 
  • A critical push factor behind the agtech boom: consumer demand for cleaner food.

Agricultural Technology stands apart from many of today's tech advancements like smartphones and social media, which is focused on consumer convenience and entertainment.

AgTech is about our collective survival by modernising farming: it is about doing more with less. It is about finding ways  to increase yields while preserving and optimising vital resources like land, soil health and water.

Growing enough food in the future will be a significant challenge.

AgTech's other vital concern: ensuring the viability of farming for the next generation of food growers.

The AgriTech Revolution

HARDI participated in a documentary series called Agritech Revolution, produced by Ligthbridge Productions. The documentary puts a spotlight on the industries, companies, and people who are breaking boundaries and disrupting the norm by pioneering new technologies, methodologies, and solutions.

“The Agritech Revolution” is a a multipart  documentary exploring Australia’s pioneering involvement in this industrial transformation. In this series, Lightbridge Productions report on the latest advancements in Agritech Technology, and its real-world impact on Australia’s farming community, operations, and livelihoods.

Filmed over a 6-month period (September – March 2023) Lightbridge Productions bring together Australian growers, agribusiness leaders, and technology pioneers to provide an inspiring, 360-degree insight into the advancements, challenges, and opportunities impacting Agritech adoption today.

HARDI Episode : The Precision Farmer

In episode 2, the documentary takes a deep dive into the history and evolution of ‘Precision Agriculture’ and explore how precision farming today is helping farmers reduce waste, enhance yields, increase profits and maintain the quality of the environment. It puts a spotlight on GeoSelect, HARDI's cutting edge innovative technology for precision agriculture.


Our episode, "The Precision Farmer," featured in the AgriTech Revolution Documentary

The Making

Paul Jarrett - The Precision Farmer: AgriTech Revolution | HARDI Australia

Lightbridge Productions setting up at Paul Jarrett's farm.

Paul Jarrett being interviewed by Lightbridge Productions - Director and Producer, Oliver Milton.

Heath Thompson giving an interview.

The Crew - Lightbridge Productions.

Flying the drone to capture Paul Jarrett's paddock.

Cameraman going over some footage.

Paul Jarret, a 6th Generation farmer and a Maitland producer is one of the first in South Australia to utilise GeoSelect Technology.

Read Paul Jarrett's story here

HARDI's Precision Technology Solutions

A new level in selective spraying. With minimal on-boom hardware GeoSelect optimises boom ride, weed targeting, chemical preparation and sprayer speed. Save time, chemical and running costs. at speeds up to 30km/h and with a 99.7% accuracy rate.

The only effective rate management technology for booms larger up to 54.5m. H-SELECT ensures precise control over a wide speed range. It can achieve a target rate accuracy of 90% or better over the entire paddock - virtually eliminating patches of over- or under-dosage.

Where to go from here?



GeoSelect Savings Calculator is a great way to see how you can maximise your savings. With our savings calculator, you can see where you can save the most on chemical use, costs, and spray time.