Reliable and simple

HARDI mistblowers are designed to be robust and easy to use. All sprayers offer a wide variety of fans and turbines to adapt the mistblower to your specific crop and working conditions.


HARDI mistblowers lets you spray without compromise – in a variety of different crops. Whatever you grow – from small bushes to large tree plantations.

Robust and simplicity
Benefit from the expertise gained from HARDI’s many years of worldwide experience in orchard spraying. Everything from tank design and the latest electronic control systems reflects HARDI'S spraying expertise.

The ZENIT comes in 600 and 1200 litre tank sizes.


The OP15 as well as OP35 and OP55 share the same application technology that has been applied to the entire OPTIMUS application family. It is based on the same spraying divide in hydro pneumatic as well as in pneumatic applications. The main difference between OP15, OP35 and OP55 is the air supply drop leg that drives the droplet to the targeted plant.

OP15: 1 air stream, straight dropleg, bumper for outlet protection

OP35: 3 air streams, adjustable dropleg, outlet integrated on dropleg's shape

OP55: 5 air streams, with drift recovery system

Air kits & deflectors

HARDI Air Kits offer better air distribution, higher airflow, a lower noise level, and less power consumption - all together to provide you with a first-class application. 

The fan housing is made of high-impact polyethylene and incorporates a unique channel plate that makes the air production much more uniform. The fan blades are made of polymer, a very strong synthetic material, and can be adjusted in order to adapt the air volume to the individual orchard.

The air kits are fitted with double, non-drip nozzle holders.

HARDI’s special deflectors help you optimize and adapt the generated air to your specific crop and working conditions.

Where to go from here?


Tank: 600 / 1200 L

Clean Water Tank: 15 L

Agitation: 1 venturi bottom of the tank, 2 in front

Pump: 73 L/min, 145 L/min

RinseTank: 60 / 100 L

PTO Shaft: T300 - Standard

Fan: P540D Turbine