GeoSelect: Empowering Efficiency with Retrofit Capabilities on HARDI Machines

In the agricultural industry, precision farming has revolutionised the way farmers approach crop management. GeoSelect, a retrofit technology available for HARDI machines, is taking precision farming to the next level. By integrating with popular HARDI models like Commander, Rubicon Saritor, and Alpha - GeoSelect provides farmers with enhanced accuracy, improved efficiency, and increased productivity. It transforms existing HARDI machines into cutting-edge precision farming tools.

GeoSelect's retrofit capability is one of its standout features, farmers can leverage the benefits of precision farming without having to invest in new equipment. Retrofitting ensures that existing machines can be upgraded to the latest technology, enabling farmers to stay competitive while maximizing their return on investment.

GeoSelect's availability as a retrofit on the HARDI COMMANDER, RUBICON, SARITOR and ALPHA brings precision farming within the reach of farmers seeking to optimise their operations.

GeoSelect brings a host of advanced features to HARDI machines, enabling farmers to achieve precise and targeted application of fertilisers, herbicides, and other agricultural chemicals. By utilising real-time GPS data, this retrofit technology offers farmers the ability to precisely control the application rate and coverage of inputs, reducing waste and ensuring optimal use of resources.

As the agriculture industry continues to evolve, precision farming technologies like GeoSelect play a crucial role in meeting the challenges of sustainable food production. By retrofitting HARDI machines with GeoSelect, farmers can adopt precision agriculture practices, reduce chemical inputs, minimize environmental impact, and optimize resource utilisation. 
GeoSelect's availability as a retrofit on HARDI machines such as Commander, Rubicon Saritor, and Alpha brings precision farming within reach of farmers seeking to optimise their operations. 


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