Well proven sprayer

The HARDI NK sprayer is one of the most versatile sprayers ever built. The NK is used by professional plant growers all over the world. It finds its use in traditional farming, horticulture, orchards, vineyards, and on grasslands.

One of the most versatile sprayers ever built

The HARDI NK sprayer is available with a 400, 600, 800, or 1000 (Australia and New Zealand only) litre tank. The design of the NK provides for a centre of gravity that is both low and close to the tractor making it perfectly suitable for irregular or hilly fields. The NK chassis is zinc-phosphate treated before being coated with polyester powder. This ensures outstanding weather and chemical resistance on all chassis parts.

The NK is a durable and well proven sprayer that offers far more features and options than you would expect from a sprayer in this price class.

High-impact tank

The high-impact polyethylene tank has a deep sump that ensures complete emptying of the tank. The tank design maximises liquid agitation as well as ensuring easy and efficient tank cleaning with the use of a tank cleaning nozzle.

The top mounted suction filter on the tanks makes it safe and easy to perform routing maintenance on the filter screen.

The NK sprayer also comes with pressurised agitation as standard to ensure consistent agitation of even the most difficult mixtures.

NK with SB boom

The HARDI pump

HARDI pumps are designed for the application of chemicals and liquid fertiliser. To ensure reliable and durable operation, the diaphragms separate the liquid from the vital parts of the pump such as its bearings and crankshaft.

HARDI diaphragm pump features

  • Self-priming
  • Able to run dry without damage
  • Easy to service without special tools
  • Grease lubricated crankcase
  • Chemical resistance diaphragms and valves
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BK-180 Control unit

The NK line offers as standard the unique and reliable HARDI BK-180 control unit to ensure accurate and reliable application of all plant protection chemicals. This unit includes the following features:

  • Main on/off that diverts all liquid back into the tank
  • Safety valve
  • Pressure filter
  • Pressure gauge
  • Valve for pressure agitation
  • Minimum of three distribution valves with constant pressure system


Simple and reliable, the 6, 8, and 10 SB booms are mounted directly to the sprayer frame. Trapeze suspension is offered as an option. The 12m MB boom features trapeze suspension as standard.

Hydraulic lift is available as an option for both booms.

The SB or MB booms for the NK are, like the frame, zinc-phosphate treated before being coated with polyester powder. This ensures long and reliable use of the boom.

The HYS boom is optional on the NK 1000 (Australia and New Zealand only)


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Tank: 400 / 600 / 800 / 1000 L (Australia and New Zealand only)

Controller: SC3 or EVC-3 Electronic Valve Control

CleanWater tank: 15 L (optional)

Frame: Low centre of gravity close to tractor

Diaphragm pump: Reliable, high capacity and easy to service

Operating unit: Manual operated HARDI BK-180

SB: Simple, strong, manual fold boom (6-10m)
MB: Robust manual fold steel boom (12m)
HYS TWIN AIR: Drift control (12m) (NK1000 only)