HARDI’s NAVIGATOR Vantage Promo introduces affordability, making the ownership of these machines more accessible than ever before. 

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Navigator 5000L with Eagle Boom - HARDI Australia

Synonymous with high quality and functional design, NAVIGATOR delivers outstanding value on farms around Australia. The NAVIGATOR range stands as a testament to simplicity, reliability, and excellent serviceability, offering affordable solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of modern agriculture.

HARDI’s NAVIGATOR Vantage Promo introduces affordability, making the ownership of these machines more accessible than ever before. With versatile options, including different tank capacities ranging from 4000 to 5000 liters and Eagle boom width options from 18 to 30 meters, NAVIGATOR emerges as the obvious choice for a wide array of agricultural operations, from row cropping to small broadacre farming.

The enduring success of NAVIGATOR among mid-size sprayers is no coincidence. Engineered for high-speed driving, the heavy-duty chassis and axles of NAVIGATOR are built to withstand the most demanding field and road conditions. Crafted from high-tensile steel right here in Australia, the robust frame ensures durability without compromise.

Moreover, NAVIGATOR boasts the lowest possible center of gravity without sacrificing clearance under the sprayer. The long drawbar, available in fixed or steering configurations, guarantees excellent driving stability, absorbing the forces encountered when traversing uneven paddocks at speed.

Navigator 4000L - HARDI Australia

In rough conditions, NAVIGATOR excels. The 18-30m EAGLE boom, renowned for its performance worldwide, is designed for heavy-duty use under the harshest conditions with minimal service requirements. Suspended on two large coil springs with shock absorbers, the boom's horizontal movements are controlled by a heavy-duty trapeze system, allowing for spraying and turning at exceptionally high working speeds.

HARDI’s NAVIGATOR Vantage Promo not only makes owning these machines feasible but also underscores HARDI’s commitment to providing farmers with unparalleled performance, reliability, and efficiency. With NAVIGATOR, farming becomes more than just a profession; it becomes a journey toward sustainable success.
To benefit from the NAVIGATOR Vantage Promo and obtain further details, reach out to your nearest HARDI dealer.

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