HARDI GeoSelect is not like any other selective spray system.

With minimal on-boom hardware it optimises boom ride, weed targeting, chemical preparation and sprayer speed. Work up to 30km/h to save time, chemical and running costs.

Map every weed in your paddock up front using a manned-aircraft or drone, with centimetre accuracy, then transfer the data to the spray computer for processing. Sensors on the boom continuously measure boom height and boom deflection and adjust each nozzle within micro-seconds to target each weed, at speeds up to 30km/h and with a 99.7% accuracy rate. The software calculates exactly how much chemical you will need before you start.

By spraying only where required, chemical use can be reduced up to 90%.

How does GeoSelect work?

Watch the video as Heath Thompson, HARDI's Innovation Manager gives the highlights on GeoSelect.

"The sprayer already knows where it is going to spray before it enters the paddock. You can premix the volume of chemical you need - so there is less waste. This is a signifcant advantage."

- Heath Thompson, Innovation Manager -

What is GeoSelect?

GeoSelect is a selective-spraying solution that uses high resolution spatial data.

It decouples the sensor from the sprayer, taking advantage of fast evolving detection technology on UAV, manned aircraft and satellites.


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Advantages of GeoSelect

GeoSelect provides farmers with real-time information and suggestions on spraying practices. Factors such as the optimum speed to drive in certain parts of the paddock or skipping certain run lines altogether due to absence of weeds in a particular area are taken into consideration to achieve maximum efficiency and savings

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GeoSelect Dynamap - HARDI Australia

The GeoSelect Difference

GEOSELECT allows spraying only where required. Know how much chemical before you spray, how fast to go and what areas to skip. Unrestricted by boom width, spray speed and light conditions

Watch GeoSelect in action. LED Lights indicate which nozzles are working.

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"The Geoselect and drone mapping has made a massive difference in the amount of chemical we use. In the data, from the last paddock I sprayed, it was around 13 per cent of the paddock covered with chemical, where typically you'd have to spray out 100pc of the paddock."


Maitland producer and Sixth generation farmer Paul Jarret, on utilising GeoSelect.

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Spray Your Way

Selective Spray, Blanket Spray or both. Optimise spray delivery for a wide range of speeds - turn compensation, droplet control and simultaneous spot spraying allows chemical delivery like no other.

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Spray Your Way - GeoSelect, HARDI Australia

Retrofit Option

GeoSelect's availability as a retrofit on the HARDI COMMANDER, RUBICON, SARITOR and ALPHA brings precision farming within the reach of farmers seeking to optimise their operations.

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GeoSelect Savings Calculator is a great way to see how you can maximise your savings. With our savings calculator, you can see where you can save the most on chemical use, costs, and spray time.