HARDI to feature in episode 2 of the AgriTech Revolution Documentary on Thursday 10th of August

The documentary was produced by LightBridge Productions who specialise in telling the story of Australian entrepreneurship and innovation


The AgriTech documentary is a 10 series documentary exploring Australia's pioneering involvement in the introduction of technology in agriculture.

Global population is expected to grow to almost 10 billion people by 2050 which means we need to figure out how to feed this much larger population. On top of this, other factors such as climate change are having a negative impact on yields.

AgTech is about doing more with less, It is about finding ways to increase yields while preserving and optimising vital resources like land, soil health, and water.

In episode 2 - Precision Farming, the documentary takes a deep dive into the history and evolution of Precision Agriculture. We will see how precision farming today is helping farmers reduce waste, enhance yields, increase profits while maintaining the quality of the environment.

This is done through the eyes of Paul Jarrett, a 6th generation farmer from Maitland.

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