Paul Jarrett, a sixth generation farmer and a Maitland producer is one of the first in the state to utilise HARDI’s GeoSelect Technology.

When the groundbreaking GeoSelect technology was unveiled, Paul Jarrett, who already owned HARDI Rubicon sprayers, wasted no time in seizing the possibility.

The option to retrofit self-propelled sprayers with HARDI's cutting-edge technology was an opportunity that he eagerly embraced.

”We have a 48M boom so it has 49 sections that can trigger on and off the spray. There is hardware and another screen and extra GPS modules so it increases accuracy.”

The process begins with a visit from a representative of Extreme Drones at Clare, who flies over the paddocks to create a comprehensive weed map. Subsequently, the gathered data undergoes algorithmic processing, converting it into a file that wirelessly transfers through a Google Drive setup onto a Microsoft Surface Pro that is sitting in the sprayer's cab.

”When we want to go in and spray that paddock, we just hit the Google drive map and it will populate where it needs to spray and where it doesn't.

"The Geoselect and drone mapping has made a massive difference in the amount of chemical we use.” 

Paul Jarrett, Maitland, SOUTH AUSTRALIA

With the revolutionary capabilities of GeoSelect in transforming farming practices, Paul Jarrett has discovered newfound time efficiency. By providing real-time information and personalised suggestions for spraying techniques, GeoSelect has optimised his workflow, allowing him to make the most of his time.

GeoSelect revolutionizes farming practices by offering farmers real-time information and tailored suggestions for spraying techniques. By taking into account factors such as optimal driving speed in specific areas of the paddock and the possibility of skipping run lines where no weeds are present, GeoSelect ensures maximum efficiency and cost savings for farmers. With this innovative technology, farmers can optimize their spraying practices like never before.

”In the data, from the last paddock I sprayed, it was around 13 percent of the paddock covered with chemical, where typically you’d have to spray out 100 percent of the paddock.”

”I am also finding it helps with labour and time efficiency because we are not needing to refill the spray as often due to the smaller amounts of chemical required.”

GeoSelect allows spraying only where required, this relates to herbicide use and associated labour, maintenance and wastage expenditure up to 90% in certain conditions. GeoSelect cuts chemical use, costs, spray time and record keeping.

The drone footage was obtained using highly precise RTK GPS technology, ensuring exceptional accuracy.

He says in the future he hopes he can reduce weed matter in crops using the Geoselect technology. For the moment, Paul is using for summer spraying.

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