With up to 10,000 litre capacity, ISOBUS, AutoSection, precise rate control, and many more features, COMMANDER delivers unbeatable performance and productivity.

Well-proven and popular, COMMANDER is built around intelligent control technology and convenient operation, to deliver precise chemical application hectare after hectare and year after year.

The COMMANDER chassis is welded from high tensile steel here in Australia, ensuring exceptional strength and relatively low weight.

The unique design of the axle and frame ensures excellent crop clearance. No brake rods or steering components are lower than the axle. This  gives COMMANDER the lowest possible centre of gravity without compromising clearance under the sprayer.

All cabling, wires and hoses are mapped for each model. Routing is primarily made in cable trays, and these trays are designed so that wires and cable hoses are kept separate from hoses which might move as pressure is added and relieved.

Commander Chassis - HARDI Australia
Commander Boom Options - HARDI Australia

The COMMANDER range converts capacity into productivity with a choice of wide, high-performing HARDI booms.


  • B3 MEGA: Huge coverage without the weight at 54.5m.
  • B3 MAXI: Premium booms, from 36.5 to 42.5m.


  • TERRAFORCE: Large width in a proven steel boom, from 36 to 42m.
  • FORCE: Wide and strong for added speed and coverage, from 30 to 36m.
  • TWIN FORCE: Two sprayers in one.

The COMMANDER's main tank is designed to be much wider at the bottom than the top, to keep the centre of gravity as low as possible.

The tank floor is also sloped so liquid moves forward as the tank is emptied, helping to maintain weight over the drawbar. 

This all helps to keep the sprayer stable and ensure the tractor has good traction, even when spraying up slopes with a near-empty tank.


Commander Main Tank - HARDI Australia
HARDI SmartValve

The SmartValve System greatly reduces start-up and clean-up time when operating the COMMANDER.

The COMMANDER WorkZone combines all the primary filling and cleaning functions into just two logically arranged handles; right beside the induction system, so everything can be managed from one place at ground level.

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Tank: 6500 / 8500 / 10000 L

Controller: Topcon X35 / ISOBUS

TurboFiller: Integrated working table, high capacity

Liquid system: DynamicFluid4 - shorter response time and more precise application in the field

Track Width: 2.2 to 3.0M

Axle Clearance: 0.795M

Booms aluminium:
B3: Light, wide, and strong (36.5-54.5m)

Booms steel:
TERRAFORCE: Ultimate in robustness (36-42m)
FORCE:  Wide in field, compact in transport (30-36m)