Hand-Operated Sprayers

HARDI P1.5, P6 and P8 pressure sprayers are compact, easy to use and built for professional pesticide application. Capacity is 1.5, 6 or 8 litres and they can spray up to 3 bars.

All components are chosen with a long life span in mind. The Viton seals are highly resistant to commonly used organic solvents, making them popular in other industries such as vehicle repair and construction.

It is impossible to over-pressurise the tank, and all openings of the tanks are placed on the top in order to prevent leaks from the bottom.

1.5 Small Sprayer


The P1.5 is ideal for spraying weed and pest control products, as well as cleaning and disinfectant solutions, around the home and garden.

They are built from high quality materials for long life and performance, with readily available parts for easy servicing.

The adjustable nozzle gives fine atomisation for surface area coverage with low fluid use, and coarse atomisation to wet thoroughly when washing, etc. 

The P1.5 will spray for a considerable time once pumped to maximum pressure.

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Our P6 & P8 sprayers are built tough for professional operators. The design features a handy measuring cup in the lid and spring loaded pressure relief to prevent over pressurisation. 

A plunger pump pressurises the container, while a trigger valve controls intermittent or continuous spraying. High quality components ensure long, reliable service, and replacement parts are readily available. 

With a wide range of attachments, the list of possible uses is almost endless. 

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6 Litre & 8 Litre Pressure Sprayer

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