Introducing the HARDI PulseSystem – The newest innovation for drift reduction

Drop size control for less drift

With the minimum amount of drift combined with the prevention of under and overdosing, the HARDI PulseSystem is set to revolutionize the application technologies. 

The PulseSystem's ability to open and close the nozzles ensures the droplet size and spray quality remain unchanged while the nozzles remain open from 30-100% at the same pressure. Therefore, the same nozzle can be used at several different driving speeds.

Additionally, unlike a conventional system where more drift occurs the more liquid you try to squeeze through the nozzles, the PulseSystem has the ability to maintain the size of the selected droplets. Therefore, the flow rate is optimized while the drift is minimized, as the most optimal droplet size can be maintained. 

CurveControl minimizes chemical consumption and environmental impact

By using CurveControl, individual nozzles are moderated so that the spraying application is the same throughout the boom. 

During curves, the outer boom moves faster than the inside boom. Hence, the PulseSystem ensures that the spray is applied evenly across the whole boom. Therefore, under- and overdosing on chemicals can be prevented, thereby helping to minimise environmental impact. 

Automatic switching on and off individual nozzles

In addition, the PulseSystem works with a single nozzle on/off – at a 36 m boom, control of all 72 nozzles at a single nozzle level. This can be done, for example, via a digital field map. Thus, the total field map determines how much pesticide to apply – and savings of up to 90% are possible by treating only the areas with mapped pests in the field. 

The HARDI PulseSystem is supplied for the conventional DELTA FORCE boom on AEON and NAVIGATOR, as well as the TWIN boom on AEON. We are ready to offer the system to a limited number of units in 2023.