Supplying Pakistan with clean drinking water

The consequences of the severe floods that hit Pakistan at the end of August 2022 left one-third of the population without clean drinking water. With the urgent need for aid, Denmark’s National Emergency Management Agency, therefore, sent a team of ten specialists and water purification plants at the beginning of September.

HARDI was contacted by a long-term partner, Much More Water A/S with a wish list of missing critical components. Much More Water A/S is a water purification company from Roskilde, Denmark. They specialize in turning contaminated water into drinking water exceeding WHO standards, without the use of chemicals, for the Danish National Emergency Management Agency as well as UN Missions worldwide.

“We have had a long partnership with HARDI, supporting us with different components for our products. We have for example chosen the HARDI diaphragm pumps as they can be operated in catastrophic areas without requiring special tools and with a very high operational reliability” Steen Møller from Much More Water explains.

Steen Møller also outlines that, “Much More Water managed to pick up the needed components from the HARDI headquarters on Falster as well as from a HARDI dealer in Jutland. Thereafter, everything was shipped on time, all within 8 hours”

As of today, the water purification units in Pakistan have been in operation for 3 weeks, running up to 20 hours per day, producing up to 120.000 l. of clean water and thereby helping around 6.000 people. HARDI is pleased to be able to provide the components to ensure these mission's success.
A sincere thank you to Much More Water A/S, the Danish National Emergency Management Agency, the HARDI warehouse in Nørre Alslev, and the HARDI dealer network for making this operation a success.