Easy operation – Full performance

Spray faster and carry more liquid. The MEGA sets new standards for lift-mounted sprayers. With its sleek and modern design and unparalleled comfort for the driver, we have designed a machine that will keep you spraying all day.


Besides offering you a full ISOBUS experience for easy connection of controllers, the HARDI SmartCom will provide quick and easy diagnostics with the HARDI ServiceTool. And due to the faster processing speed, you will experience a faster and very precise regulation system. On top of this, cloud connections will prepare you for remote diagnostics.

For your unparallelled comfort, both in the field and on the road, the lower linkage-mounted AirRide suspension is permanently active. This increases the work rate by isolating the shocks from the tractor, providing a more stable platform to spray from

The diaphragm pump

At the heart of the MEGA sits the robust and easy-to-service pump that HARDI is so well known for. The invention of this pump constituted the foundation upon which HARDI was founded more than 60 years ago. HARDI was the first to use diaphragms to separate the liquid from bearings, crankshaft and other vital pump parts, thereby allowing the pump to run dry without damage. In addition, this pump distinguished itself by being operated directly from the tractor’s PTO shaft.


Tank sizes: 317 gal, 475 gal

Controller: HC 8600, HC 9600

TurboFiller: High capacity, easy to operate

Liquid system: DynamicFluid4

Chassis: High-tensile steel chassis

VHZ booms: 50' & 60'