Farming for the future

With the acceleration of climate change, resource depletion and threats to natural ecosystems, one of the major challenges is to meet future food demands in a sustainable manner.

HARDI is therefore developing future ready solutions that help our customers to maximise yield while reducing their environmental impacts, optimising management of natural resources and complying with regulatory standards. We provide a range of products that protect and improve agricultural productivity, and are continuously developing more innovative technological solutions.

A people care partner

People are the focal point of HARDI’s operations – we are deeply committed to employee health and well-being, with a focus on safety, continuous training and increasing employability.

We develop partnerships to recruit and train apprentices and promote skills development within the workplace. Equal opportunity and treatment is a part of our recruitment process and our approach to develop current employees. We encourage and promote internal mobility. All of our work is undertaken within a proactive safety policy to promote the highest level of safety. 

Our commitment to fair treatment of employees also applies when working with our suppliers – by collaborating with those that share our Code of Conduct requirements, we ensure that a high standard of employment practices and standards is maintained through our value chain. 

Producing while reducing

Improved environmental performance is key to meet the global challenge of reducing carbon emissions and the impact on our shared natural resources. HARDI is committed to continuous improvement to reduce our environmental footprint throughout our internal value chain. This includes minimising resource consumption and improving energy efficiency during the production lifecycle.

Our commitment extends beyond our products leaving the factory floor – our smart, innovative technical solutions help our customers to minimise environmental impacts. HARDI’s continuing development of practices, based on the circular economy, supports our customers at end of product lifecycle through recycling and reconditioning practices.

Through responsible procurement, we ensure that we partner with suppliers, which are compliant with environmental regulations and are committed to mitigate harmful environmental impacts.