Fast and precise regulation

With precision and capacity in mind, HARDI challenged the traditional way of regulating volume rate. Traditionally, a sprayer applies and then measures actual volume rate. When the rate applied and the volume rate do not match the pre-set volume, the computer system will regulate until they match.

This conventional spray systems means that driving speed, boom width and pump revolutions must stay relatively stable to obtain a precise regulation.

With today’s modern tractor transmissions, powerful engines, advanced boom suspensions and GPS controlled spray booms, the conventional way of spraying has changed. These improvements in tractor and sprayer technology have now made the liquid regulation the weak part of the application system. Now that the control of the boom and tractor is optimized by technology, the operator demands more from the application system.

DynamicFluid4 is the solution for these challenges. In this chapter the technique and the benefits of the system are described.

The fast reaction is proven in different tests – the EN/ISO 16119 standard demands a 10% accuracy by speed or volume rate changes in 7 seconds. The DF4 system reaches the +/-10% value after 3.5 seconds, after 7 seconds the accuracy is +/- 0.5%.

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