Flexibility, productivity and performance

The DELTA FORCE is HARDI’s newest family of conventional booms. It is a functional boom designed with future farming requirements in mind

Wide in field – compact on the road

The DELTA FORCE is a large boom of 24 to 39 m with a unique three-dimensional design and features meant for perfect boom control at high speed. HARDI’s boom-folding system allows the operator to spray at different widths – with or without folding the last section. Despite its width, the DELTA FORCE is compact in transport and storage. It folds into an elegant 2.55 m.

Market’s best stability

The boom’s simple yet effective pendulum suspension controls boom movements. Together with the boom’s low centre of gravity, the suspension guarantees perfect boom balance in flat as well as hilly terrains – and enables fast headland turns. With just two parameters to adjust (pendulum and damping), the DELTA FORCE boom is easy to customise and maintain.

Minimal boom movement

The DELTA FORCE boom is standard equipped with a hydraulic AntiYaw damping system between the centre section and the boom wings.

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