Outstanding boom stability

AutoTerrain is a fully automatic boom control system that regulates height, slant, tilt and yaw for superb boom stability

This unrivalled boom management system distinguishes itself from others by preventing rather than correcting unintended boom movements. Using ultrasonic sensors on the boom wings and roll sensors at the centre, it monitors and corrects the boom’s movements before the boom is disturbed.

The AutoTerrain system has been tested under rigorous field conditions, showing excellent performance when spraying with low boom heights at high driving speeds of more than 15 km/h. When turning on the headland, the system will counter the boom’s natural pendulum tendency to dip on the inner side. The result is a level boom throughout the turn. AutoTerrain all but eliminates the risk of the boom hitting the ground.

A stable boom means less wear and tear on the sprayer as well as its operator. The sprayer will have a longer lifespan, and the operator will experience less fatigue and stress from having to constantly monitor the boom.

AutoTerrain also reduces the risk of drift to the benefit of the farmer and the environment.

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