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At HARDI, we are known for our unwavering dedication to producing OEM components that excel in terms of quality, durability, and reliability.

We specialise in manufacturing high-performance diaphragm pumps in cast iron, designed specifically for OEM applications. We deliver OEM components to a variety of industries, including agricultural machinery, cleaning and washing systems, de-icer systems, etc.

Our commitment to innovation, efficiency, and durability is reflected in every product we create, ensuring exceptional performance even in the most challenging conditions.


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Unmatched Quality and On-Time Shipping 

We at HARDI are dedicated to delivering the finest customised solutions tailored perfectly to your needs. You can get customised solutions to meet your unique specifications, whether you need modifications to an existing product or a new design.

Our robust supply chain ensures the precise and timely delivery of your components to your preferred location. And our team of experts strives to deliver high-quality components that exceed your expectations.

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For additional information on HARDI OEM Components, make sure to check out our component guide by following the link below. 

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