HARDI Australia is the global affiliate of leading spray technology manufacturer HARDI International, headquartered in Denmark.

For over 60 years, HARDI INTERNATIONAL has single-mindedly dedicated itself to improving the efficiency and precision of sprayed plant protection. Now a world leader in the field, HARDI recognises its role in global food security through the safe and sustainable application of agricultural compounds.

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Global made Local

Our Australian operation is based at an extensive, 10,000 m2 factory and test area in Adelaide, South Australia.

From here, our team manufacture and assemble the majority of products we sell locally, including the popular NAVIGATOR and COMMANDER trailed sprayer families, dedicated orchard and vineyard systems, tractor-mounted linkage sprayers, smaller mobile systems plus our mighty RUBICON, ALPHA, and SARITOR self-propelled machines.
We also manage an extensive national dealer network and enormous parts warehouse, plus a team of dedicated Parts Interpreters with decades of HARDI experience.
HARDI’s world-beating products are backed by comprehensive local support.

HARDI Production Site - HARDI Australia
Farming for the future

Farming for the future

With the acceleration of climate change, resource depletion and threats to natural ecosystems, one of the major challenges is to meet future food demands in a sustainable manner.

HARDI is therefore developing future ready solutions that help our customers to maximise yield while reducing their environmental impacts, optimising management of natural resources and complying with regulatory standards. We provide a range of products that protect and improve agricultural productivity, and are continuously developing more innovative technological solutions.

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Environmental Commitment

As a part of our commitment to the environment, water used during the testing process is recaptured through a floor grate and recirculated through a cleansing system and recycled. HARDI has a full water recovery system and are able to run spray tests for 24 hours and longer.


HARDI sprayers have long been trusted by Australian farmers and ground-care professionals.

1.5 Litre Small Sprayer - HARDI Australia

We bring international excellence and innovation to every kind of spraying need – including gardens, parks and sporting facilities, orchards and vineyards, pastures, horticulture operations and vast broadacre cropping systems.

Our smallest hand-held units start from a convenient capacity of just 1.5 litres.

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Slef-Propelled Sprayers - HARDI Australia

Our trailed machines range from the 300 litre CADET for turf care and small pastures to broadacre cropping’s COMMANDER with 6500, 8500 or 10,000 litre tank options. We also offer productivity-driven self-propelled sprayers with tank sizes up to 9000 litres and finely controlled booms up to 54.5 metres wide.

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As one of the world’s only spraying specialists, HARDI is dedicated to advancing spraying technology to improve productivity, efficiency, operator safety, cost savings, chemical usage and  environmental outcomes.

Powered by our international network of spraying innovation centres that includes Adelaide, and spurred on by the stringent requirements of the European Union, HARDI offers decades of global leadership in spray control, fluid systems, nozzle control, boom control, tank design, filling systems and more.   

HARDI's H-Select droplet control system offers in-cab on-the-move control of droplet size and rate, for precise and responsive spray control through turns, speed changes and weather conditions at different times of the day.  

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HARDI's latest innovation in spraying technology, GeoSelect, was developed in-house at HARDI Australia's headquarters in Adelaide. It is unique in being able to provide an accurate estimation of mixed chemical required before spraying starts, and will then target weeds in the paddock with pinpoint accuracy – all with a minimum of extra equipment or weight on the spray boom. 
“The only thing that gets wasted is the weeds.” 

GeoSelect is the latest in long line of class-leading innovations that include the HARDI Twin air assisted spray system, AutoTerrain boom control, ActivAir nozzle switching and more.   

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We proudly bring these technology options to the Australian market and offer them with local sales, installation, support, parts supply and backup. We listen to each customer and work to ensure our product meets their needs and expectations.

Origins of the HARDI logo

Farming during the 30's and 40's is developing from manual work, using horses as the main power, to mechanisation with investments in tractors and implements as well as accelerated use of fertiliser and chemicals to get a more efficient production.

Hartvig Jensen & Co. is founded in 1957. Their strategy is "each farmer his own sprayer"

The original HARDI logo was based on the diaphragm in the HARDI pump.

HARDI innovations

Our top 10 innovations

At the core of everything we do at HARDI is our commitment to innovation, sustainability and profitable growth of the agricultural industry. For over 60 years HARDI has single-mindedly dedicated itself to improving the efficiency and precision of sprayed plant equipment.

From its diaphragm pump to GeoSelect, HARDI is the trendsetter in crop protection products.

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A successful day's work requires a safe return home.

Here at HARDI Australia, safety takes the highest priority. As a company, we emphasise the safety of our employees and visitors to the site. 

Work, Health and Safety

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We are always interested to hear from skilled and motivated candidates who want to join our team.

HARDI Australia has regular need for a wide range of production, technical, and commercial staff. Our production departments include welding, painting, and assembly as well as supply chain and warehous.

At HARDI we provide everybody with a place to develop and grow their career.

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