Agricultural chemicals can be a substantial investment - and the more land you farm, the more you need to spend to maximise productivity. So being able to apply chemicals only where they're needed is vital for protecting profits, as well as your crop. On average, weeds cover between 10% and 25% of the total area. Where farmers used to rely on a good eye and a time-won awareness of local cues and markers, these days it makes more sense to take advantage of available electronics and GPS technology. 

With precision spraying you greatly reduce the risk of overspraying or underspraying by applying chemicals at the correct application rate - only where it's needed. This will reduce chemical usage while maintaining efficacy. Reducing unnecessary chemical usage will not only lead to saving on chemical costs, it will also greatly reduce the risk of herbicide resistance.

By spraying only where it's needed, you can reduce chemical usage by up to 90%.

A New Level in Selective Spraying

GeoSelect is not like any other selective spray system. With minimal on-boom hardware it optimises boom ride, weed targeting, chemical preparation and sprayer speed. Save time, chemical and running costs. at speeds up to 30km/h and with a 99.7% accuracy rate.

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Precise Rate Control for Wide Booms

The only effective rate management technology for booms larger up to 54.5m, HARDI H-SELECT ensures precise control over a wide speed range. H-Select can achieve a target rate accuracy of 90% or better over the entire paddock - virtually eliminating patches of over- or under-dosage.

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