When you buy a HARDI sprayer, you can be assured that we'll have your back

You buy the best sprayer because you can rely on it to get the job done. 

HARDI has a long history of working with its dealer network to create a superior support organisation and provide the highest quality aftermarket services. From our earliest days we have placed special emphasis on the ability to provide parts and service support for machines in the field.

Prompt parts delivery

With our Central Parts Store and nationwide network of dealers, we offer you up to five different parts delivery methods. Urgent orders placed before four in the afternoon can often be at your dealer or farm the next day. It is a professional service we are proud of.

HARDI Delivery Services

The best partner you can have is a professional dealer

All our dealers are HARDI experts. If you need information about spray application, how to set up your sprayer or book in for a service or maintenance work you can contact your nearest HARDI dealer.

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Original spare parts since 1957

HARDI is committed to ensure the availability or replacement of HARDI parts for a minimum period of 10 years after a product has been phased out. In actual fact, most parts are available much longer than that. We want to keep your sprayer working for as long as possible.

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HARDI Navigator and 1994 TLV 3200 sprayer on float


Well documented operator manuals (found at www.agroparts.com), service manuals, parts drawings, sprayer registration etc. is part of being a Sprayer Specialist. We do all we can to help you get the most out of your HARDI sprayer. 

Service tips and tricks

Your sprayer must be ready whenever you need it. This places heavy pressure on the reliability and performance of your sprayer.

Conducting regular maintenance (for example during post-harvest) on your sprayer ensures your sprayer will be ready when you need it.

There are many basic things you can do yourself to keep your sprayer performing in top condition.

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Service ute with Saritor
HIVE Set Up sprayer

Sprayer set-up and sprayer techniques

Conditions change during the season which means you may need to adjust your sprayer to the specific spray conditions.

Things to consider are volume rate, driving speed, nozzles and spray pressure.

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Sprayer safety

Safe crop protection is what HARDI specialises in. Professional use of crop protection products today means we need to focus on:

  • Minimum risk of environmental contamination from drift and run-off
  • Maximum biological effect and levels of control
  • Minimum residue levels in food products
  • Maximum consideration for capacity, easy of use, and precision
  • Minimum risk to the operator
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Safe operation of HARDI sprayers

Test shed

HARDI's reputation for quality products is something of which we are extremely proud of. Before a HARDI sprayer leaves the factory we make sure to test it rigorously in our dedicated test shed that can fit even the largest sprayer. Each machine is comprehensively tested by skilled technicians before being shipped to the dealer or customer.

Depending on the machine, we do up to a 160 checks which can take up to 3 days.

As a part of our commitment to the environment, water used during the testing process is recaptured through a floor grate and recirculated through a cleansing system and recycled. HARDI has a full water recovery system and are able to run spray tests for 24 hours and longer.

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