There is a lot more to boom performance than just aluminium or steel

One bad ground strike can ruin your day - and your expensive spray boom. Traditionally, vigilance and boom wheels were the key to keeping the boom of the ground.

Wider booms are typically suspended as to have an independent freedom of movement from the sprayer chassis. Trapeze and pendulum linkage solutions are independent of chassis movement. This helps to maintain a set height over the target and also protects the boom from damage.

A stable boom means less wear and tear on the sprayer as well as its operator. The sprayer will have a longer lifespan, and the operator will experience less fatigue and stress from having to constantly monitor the boom. Boom management systems also secure the correct distance from spray nozzle to target which will increase the efficacy.

With over 30 years' experience and know-how behind us, HARDI's unique experience in boom set-up is a million hectares ahead of the competition. 

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