Prepared for the future

The brain is our intelligent SmartCom – an electronic control unit that gives you responsive and accurate liquid regulation, thereby allowing faster spray speeds with higher volume rates. The unit’s fast processor also gives you ultimate steering precision.

Minimum downtime

The SmartCom provides quick and easy diagnostics with the HARDI ServiceTool. Utilising a SmartLink to connect to the SmartCom, our service staff can update the sprayer, diagnose errors and add features directly through the ServiceTool.

Cutting-edge connectivity

The HARDI SmartCom offers you a completely new level of integration. We have prepared the SmartCom for online connections with your favourite cloud solutions with a view to transfer fields maps and other data directly to and from your machine. The SmartCom also readies you for remote diagnostics, allowing us to get you up and running almost instantaneously.


The SmartCom is, of course, fully ISOBUS-compatible for easy plug-and-play connection to tractors and controllers across brands and models. The operator can use intelligent features such as AutoNozzleControl and ComfortTrack steering directly from his or her own ISOBUS terminal, as long as it is supported. To ease complex sprayer operations, the proven HARDI Grip and Setbox are standard equipment.

Where to go from here?