With its range of tank capacities and booms, the NAVIGATOR is a highly capable mid-size sprayer - offering unequalled boom ride with precision fluid control and lots of options.

The obvious choice

Synonymous with high quality and functional design, NAVIGATOR delivers outstanding value on farms around Australia and New Zealand.

The NAVIGATOR range is built on a platform of simple, reliable solutions combined with ease of use and excellent serviceability.

Versatile options, including different tank capacities from 4000 to 6000 litre and advanced electronics, makes NAVIGATOR the obvious choice in countless operations - from row cropping to small broadacre.

It's an enduring success amongst mid-size sprayer.

Designed for high-speed driving

The heavy-duty NAVIGATOR chassis and axles are designed for high-speed driving under the most demanding field and road conditions. The robust frame is made of high-tensile steel right here in Australia.

The entire NAVIGATOR design has the lowest possible centre of gravity without compromising clearance under the sprayer.

The long drawbar is one straight line from the coupling point to the axle. Being bolted underneath the frame, it ensures excellent driving stability and absorbs the up and down forces of crossing uneven paddocks at speed.

The drawbar is available as a fixed or as a steering drawbar.

NAVIGATOR frame in factory
NAVIGATOR 6000 at night

Wide choice of booms

The versatile NAVIGATOR range is enhanced by a flexible choice of boom options, to help drive efficiency and productivity on every property.

  • TR4 - Width with flexibility (24 to 30m)
  • FORCE - Wide in field, compact in transport (30 to 36m - 5000 & 6000 only)
  • EAGLE - Unequalled performance in rough conditions (18 to 30m)
  • HYS - Flexible, light and compact (12 to 18m)
  • HYS TWIN AIR - Drift control (12 to 18m)


With ISOBUS, all important information is integrated on one work screen. 

The NAVIGATOR can be operated with a universal ISOBUS terminal. The customer can order the NAVIGATOR and use the intelligent functions like AutoHeight direct from his own ISOBUS terminal.

Where to go from here?


Tank: 4000 / 5000 / 6000 L

Track: IntelliTrack, high performance and stable drawbar

Controller: Topcon X35 or ISOBUS

TurboFiller: Efficient handling of liquid and powder

Liquid system: DynamicFluid4 for precise application in all conditions

Axle: Adjustable 1.5-2.25m

Booms aluminium:
TR4: Light, wide and strong (24-30m)

Booms steel:
FORCE: Wide in field, compact in transport (30-36m) (5000 & 6000 only)
EAGLE: Performance in rough conditions (18-30m)
HYS TWIN AIR: Drift control (15-18m) (4000 only)