The RANGER's frame design deliver strength and stability, while carefully selected components guarantee high performance and ultimate durability.

Designed to meet the need for a simple and reliable trailer, its success has been proven around the world since 2007. It has consistently lead its class by offering a wide range of features.

With booms based on different concepts we ensure there's a right boom for every need.

Ranger Chassis - HARDI Australia

The chassis is built to last under the most difficult conditions.

The RANGER chassis is built from high tensile steel to give it exceptional strength with relatively low weight. The design also gives the sprayer the lowest-possible centre of gravity, without compromising clearance. 

The unique arrangement of the axle and frame ensures excellent crop clearance. The drawbar on the tractor and the axle on the sprayer will always be the lowest points on the sprayer.

Wide range of boom choices

RANGER can be equipped with a range of robust steel HARDI booms, to provide an ideal spraying solution for everything from small row crop plots to large, uneven paddocks. 

  • HYS: Compact Vertically folded 12m
  • HYS Twin Air: Air assisted booms 15-18m
  • FALCON: Manual or hydraulic fold booms of 12-16m
  • EAGLE: Simple and strong booms from 18-21m
Eagle boom on HARDI Ranger 2500

Easy and efficient work zone.

The RANGER work zone gathers all of the sprayer's primary functions into easy-to-reach positions. Everything needed to operate the sprayer is located in the one area, with a clear and logical layout. 

The pump manifold system is used to switch between operating features such as tank rinse, tank flushing nozzle and TurboFiller.

For better tracking in headland, the maintenance free mechanically driven SelfSteer system is the solution.

SelfSteer is a simple mechanical steering system with low 
maintenance requirements and absolutely no special operator input during the spray job, it is the best option to avoid crop damage.

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Turbo Filler Ranger | HARDI Australia

TurboFiller is a high capacity induction hopper which makes the filling of chemicals fast and easy.

The unique TurboDeflector creates a powerful liquid circulation in the hopper and mixes all types of chemicals quickly and safely.

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Tank: 2500 L

Frame: High absolute clearance. Low centre of gravity

Diaphragm pump: Reliable and easy to service

Operating unit: Electrically operated pressure regulation on/off and sections

Controller: HC 5500

Liquid system: Intuitive and logical manifold system

Axle: Adjustable from 1.5 to 2m

HYS: Flexible light and compact (12m)
HYS Twin Air (15-18m)
FALCON: Smooth ride (12-16m)
EAGLE: Performance in rough conditions (18-21m)