New SARITOR is dedicated to superior spraying.

Next-generation SARITOR 7000 is easily the most sophisticated self-propelled sprayer you have ever owned, right from its stunning satin black laser cut-grill with integrated LED light bar.

The infinitely variable four-wheel drive is controlled by efficient hydrostatic transmission, powered by a 300HP Cummins QSB 6.7 litre Tier III diesel engine.

The heart of the cab is the new HARDI Integrated Vehicle Experience – ‘HIVE’.

The cabin features an intuitive new control console with a focus on reducing clutter. High quality components and a clean, clear layout.

Sleek new bonnet lines lead back to a completely re-imagined cab. Fatigue-beating comforts include a heated leather operator’s seat cab and a new refrigerator for the day’s supplies. Even the exhaust stack has been redesigned to enhance visibility and reduce cabin noise.

Learn more about THE HIVE here
Saritor 7000 HIVE Cab - HARDI Australia
Hydrostatic transmission SARITOR 7000

The C-section welded chassis is made from high tensile steel and provides low weight with strength and stability.

Engineered for up to 12° of flex, it provides maximum movement when driving over contours and tall drains.

Learn more about the SARITOR CHASSIS here

Aluminium boom's world-leading designs are incredibly strong and robust.

The SARITOR comes optioned with a wide range of aluminium booms that are wider, lighter and stronger for better results.


Saritor 7000 - HARDI Australia
Saritor Unrivalled ride for operator and boom

Unrivalled ride for operator and boom.

Four ride-level air bag suspension elements and hydraulic shock absorbers ensure all-day operator comfort and a smoother boom ride. 

Capitalising on HARDI's 30+ years of experience, SARITOR uses a wide Paralift boom centre with HARDI's AutoTerrain boom height and stability control, coupled to patented  yaw dampening. This intelligent, integrated system proactively positions the boom to proactively compensate for terrain changes.

The result is precise tip-to-tip height control, for more accurate spraying and near-zero chance of ground strikes, even with high spraying speeds and our widest aluminium booms.

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Tank: 7000L

Engine: Cummins 300hp

Transmission: 4WD hydrostatic transmission

Controller: Topcon X35/ ISOBUS

Pump: 650 l/m run dry centrifugal pump

Chem Transfer: 35L TurboFiller (high capacity, easy to operate)

Clearance: 1.45 metre

Track Width: 3-3.5m

Aluminium booms:
TR5: Unrivalled strength (36.5-42.5m)
B3: Width without the weight (48.5m)

Steel booms:
TERRAFORCE: Big booms for big jobs (36-42m)