GeoSelect now on the COMMANDER

HARDI AUSTRALIA’s locally developed GeoSelect spot spraying system is now offered on trailed sprayers, starting with its award winning trailer COMMANDER. 


HARDI’s National Sales Manager Zac Harnett says offering GeoSelect on the company’s most popular trailed sprayers will be great news for farmers. “The COMMANDER is hugely popular with grain producers, pastoralists and vegetable growers, as well as broadacre operators,” he says. “We are very pleased to be able to help all those farmers reduce their herbicide usage and costs by up to 90 percent in every paddock.” 

HARDI AUSTRALIA has a long history of providing innovative solutions for the agriculture industry. With the launch of GeoSelect, the company continues to demonstrate its commitment to helping farmers work more efficiently and effectively. The agriculture industry is already buzzing with excitement about this new technology, and HARDI is confident that GeoSelect will be a game-changer for the industry.

GeoSelect is a highly sophisticated weed targeting technology that allows farmers to reduce their herbicide usage and costs by up to 90% in each field. Unlike other spot spraying systems, GeoSelect adds very little extra hardware or weight to the spray boom, making it a convenient and efficient solution for farmers. The system uses GNSS units for geolocation, providing centimeter accuracy without the need for heavy cameras. This means that there is virtually no change in the performance of the boom, and the system can be easily disabled for blanket spraying of fungicides and liquid fertilizers.

In conclusion, the launch of GeoSelect on the HARDI COMMANDER is a significant development for the agriculture industry. Farmers can now benefit from highly sophisticated weed targeting technology, reducing their herbicide usage and costs while maintaining the performance of their spray boom. HARDI AUSTRALIA is poised to continue its leadership in the industry with this latest innovation.