Interview with Bill Franklin, HARDI Australia's CEO and Heath Thompson, Innovation Manager, on HARDI's breakthrough innovation - GeoSelect

(August 2021) - HARDI Australia launched GeoSelect a selective spraying system that can reduce chemical use and costs up to 90 percent. Bill and Heath talks in-depth about HARDI's big step into the technological space with GeoSelect.

Hardi’s newest innovation, GeoSelect, marks the company’s "first step into genuine technology" with a software package that works in tandem with drone/satellite images to identify and spray exactly where weeds are on a paddock. It uses a "decoupled" structure, meaning the images are taken by drone before being processed quickly without loss of resolution and delivering a precise map of which areas require spraying.

GeoSelect was unveiled in Adelaide and Hardi Australia’s CEO Bill Franklin said at the launch the technology had been the result of several years’ effort.

"Our guys have written software to overcome barriers which existed previously.

"It identifies the precise geolocation of target vegetation and records that, so you get full recording of every activity and it preserves the original spatial resolution."

Where did the idea of GeoSelect come from?

How can farmers participate in the continued development and roll out of GeoSelect?

What challenges did you encounter in the development of GeoSelect?

What key development principles did you seek to follow?
(Part 1)

What key development principles did you seek to follow?
(Part 2)

How does GeoSelect address the requirements for reporting and proof of placement?

How do farmers get information on GeoSelect?

How will GeoSelect be marketed?